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Fall FRiENdZY!

FALL F R i E N d Z Y !     September 24th - 29th

Is your child expressing an interest in dance and music?

Our annual fall event is a great time for them to attend a free trial class to experience an actual dance class.  This can help you determine their desire to participate in a new activity they can enjoy all year long. 

As fall sports come to an end and the weather changes, indoor exercise becomes more important in their regular routine.  Learning to dance not only provides an outlet for this energy but also allows them to develop a better understanding of their own learning process while increasing self esteem through accomplishment and setting them on a path for success in life.

To Register your child for this event visit the link below and select an available slot in your child's age range. 
Questions about which class is best for your child can be addressed to Ms. Angie, Studio Director by calling 614-86-DANCE.