AGES 2 - 6
AGES 5 - 10
AGES 8 & Up

Is your child expressing an interest in dance & music?

Taking that interest and turning it into a lifelong love is our passion. 

We want to see your child develop skills to achieve successs long after they take their 1st Steps into our studio.

Are you looking for a program that will allow your child to grow and develop to their greatest potential?

We accomplish this by offering each student a curriculum plan that balances challenges and successes.

Tour our site based on your child's age to discover additional information about our programs.

                                              ABOUT US

1st Steps to Broadway School of Dance was founded in 2002 and was quickly established as part of the Pickerington community.

As we enter our 18th season, our mission to provide outstanding dance instruction to students of all ages continues to be our passion.

We are committed to providing a well rounded curriculum of instruction in a positive friendly environment.

                                      STUDENT FOCUS

All of our programs are designed with the individual student in mind

Helping each and every child learn and grow at a comfortable pace

Encouraging social development while creating lasting friendships

Customized curriculum

Educational and artistic incentives are used to develop "The Total Dancer"

Our programs will continually challenge each student through an enjoyable and structured progression at each level

To schedule a 1-on-1 registration appointment:

Call 614-86-DANCE (614-863-2623)
or Email 1steps2b@gmail.com