AGES 2 - 6
Creative Movement
Pre-K & Kindergarten
AGES 5 - 10
AGES 8 & Up

              Creative Movement Program                   
                            Ages 2 - 6

Tumbling Tots and Tiny Tappers are introduced to dance in a variety of ways.
Students enjoy learning gross motor skills, spatial awareness, and social cooperation while performing creative movements to music.

This beginning level of our program sets the foundation for continual growth and development both physically and mentally as children progress from toddler to pre-school and kindergarten.

Benefits of Creative Movement Program: 

   Develop understanding of the learning process   
   Socialization within a structured environment  
   Promotes physical awareness and music appreciation

Tumbling Tots: 30 minute class / once a week  
   Ballet - Tumbling Combo

Tiny Tappers: 45 minute class / once a week     
   Ballet - Tap - Tumbling Combo

Monthly Tuition Rates:    
     Tumbling Tots    
     Tiny Tappers



Students ready for additional exploration in dance will enjoy participating in the Pre-K & Kindergarten Program.
This option offers students extra time to develop skills along with additional  choreography training and instruction in stage production with peers.

To schedule a 1-on-1 registration appointment:

Call 614-86-DANCE (614-863-2623)
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