AGES 2 - 6
AGES 5 - 9
AGES 8 & Up

                       Elementary Program
                             Ages 5 - 9

Students like having time to creatively explore Dancing to the Music as they learn new Ballet, Tap, Jazz, and Tumbling moves. 

The Stepette and Entertainer classes provide elementary age students strong dance fundamentals in all areas.  As students grow and develop an understanding of the learning process, they are continually exposed to new concepts both individually and collectively as a group.

This program lays the foundation for children's success not only in dance, but in other activities as well.

Benefits of the Elementary Program:
   Expanded Choreography  
   Peer connections beyond school setting
   Introduction to additional dance styles 

Stepettes:  1.5 hour class / once a week  
   Ballet - Tap - Jazz Combo

Entertainers:  1 - 2 hour class / once a week  
   Ballet - Tap - Jazz - Flexibility Combo

Monthly Tuition Rates:
   Stepettes            $74
   Entertainers        $56 - $94 (depending on class selection)


Students ready for additional exploration in dance will enjoy participating in the Intermediate Program.

To schedule a 1-on-1 registration appointment:

Call 614-86-DANCE (614-863-2623)
Email 1steps2b@gmail.com