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                SUMMER DANCE ACADEMY
           Priority Enrollment Opens March 1st

Dancers & Parents that take advantage of the summer Dance Academy experience the full benefit of our program.    
     3 Phases of the Year:
Summer Dance Academy - Fall FUNdamentals - Spring Production

Summer is Very Different: Focus is student driven
-Dancers have opportunity to learn on an individual basis what they choose     
     Be that improving existing skills or trying new ones
-Theme is FUN - Enjoy DANCE and all it offers         
     Use props, free dance, new choreography, leaps, turns, & flexibility
-Enjoy the break from typical school routine
-Concentrated indoor activity serves as nice balance to the usual outdoor summer exercises

Summer is the Biggest Bank for your Buck$

Pricing for first session is set at Regular Full Season Discounted Rate but there is a discount for additional sessions and maximum savings on full series.
Payments can be divided into monthly installments if desired.

                                 NOT ONE SIZE FITS ALL

Customize what works for you and your student both in terms of time and $ factoring in vacations and other activities. 

Select from one week technique based FUNdamentals and Workshop series
or the very popular two week choreography themed sessions in the
It's Magical! and Summer Break series.

Some students benefit more from weekly consistency while others thrive on concentrated blocks of time –  a MIX is sometimes the best option such as:
   Creative Movement classes along with a session from It’s Magical! series or
   A Summer Break session combined with the Workshop series.      

MORE OPTIONS...  are listed on each summer page to help you reference age appropriate selections. 

You are likely to have questions regarding best placement for your child and most advantageous combinations.  Not to worry, we are hear to help guide you through the process to determine what is optimal for your dancer.  

Contact the studio for additional information about any of our programs.

Results of Summer Dance Academy:

1. Advanced placement can occur dependent upon extent of summer training
        (Plan by knowing where student wants to be next season)
2. Confidence Boost & Ease of Learning during Fall Fundamental season
3. Show up the MOST during the following Spring Production season   

To schedule a 1-on-1 registration appointment:

Call 614-86-DANCE (614-863-2623) or
Email 1steps2b@gmail.com